Planning your Success

LEADERBefore starting/launching/growing your business it is essential to create or re create your plan. The plan will guide you and ensure you have everything in place to launch and run a successful business. Don’t worry this does not involve writing a huge document (War & Peace) but there are a number of things you need to consider and anticipate. It is far easier/better to carry out research and prepare an action plan in advance of launching your business. It is the best way forward in achieving success and avoiding mistakes/failure.

So what are the issues and actions you should consider and plan for ? :

    • What is your business and what are you going to sell?
    • What research have you done to be sure that people will buy your product/service?
    • Does your business require you to give full or part time commitment?
    • Are you ready/able to commit your time to the business?
    • Will you be giving up your current job to start the business and if so what impact will this have upon your personal/family finances?
    • Do you have the skills, experience and capacity to commit to your business and if not, who and where can provide such?
    • Will and how will your business make a profit and when?
    • Are there other businesses who sell the same product/service and if so, what makes your business different (USP)?
    • What resources do you need to launch and run your business ? e.g finance, systems, marketing, people and materials.
    • How will you advertise, market and sell your products/services?
    • When will you be ready to launch your business?
    • How will you measure your success?

Our services/how we can help?

We can provide mentoring/coaching and consulting services to meet your needs.Mentor word cloud


  • Initial review and ongoing workshops to discuss and understand your business and your go-forward plan.
  • Business planning – discuss, agree and scope all the actions required before, during and after launching your business. We can design an (easy to follow) action plan with targets and timelines.
  • We can assist you in carrying out these actions and keep you on track.
  • Carry out a market and customer analysis
  • Product/service analysis and pricing strategy
  • SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • Operational plan including the need for resources e.g. cash, people, I.T., marketing, sales, book-keeping and premises and timing of such.
  • Discuss who you need to meet i.e. a bank, your prospective customers, your suppliers/providers, staff, accountant/book-keeper.

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